Electrode Dryer Type Set - 10

The Dryfast welding electrode drying oven SET – 10 is the ideal model for workshop.

Thanks to the infinitely variable thermostatic control, the SET-10 electrode drying oven is extremely versatile.

The robust, double-walled and well-insulated housing is made of powder-coated and galvanised sheet steel.

The SET-10  is not supplied  with  an electrode basket but as option. The lifter is used for easy filling and  removal of the electrodes.

The electrode dryer of the SET - 10 series are equipped with a 230V connection cable with a Schuko-plug.

Ventilation of the moisture-saturated atmosphere is ensured via the exhaust air duct on the lid.

Interior made entirely of stainless steel

All these features make the SET - 10 the ideal appliance for workshops.

Capacity bis 50 kg Elektroden
Dimensions in mm 690 x 410 x 370
Weight 28 kg
Temperature 300 °C
Heating power 1200 Watt
Input voltage 230 V 50 Hz

Order number: 846000